On Heritage, Honey…and Judgement

Dear Readers:

As a wine and lifestyle writer, my assignments immerse me in a myriad of topics. As a judge, I must taste and tipple through a slew of selections.

Here’s a glimpse through a sample of this past week’s itinerary:

Pascal Brooks.
Image: ©L.M. Archer.


As a wine writer, one of the stories I’m working on now for a vinous publication includes this young ‘old soul,’ Pascal Brooks. Pascal’s late father Jimi Brooks founded Brooks Wine in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and pioneered biodynamics in the region.

Getting the buzz on bees from Emily Bondor of Santa Cruz Bee Company and Hum & Hive co-owner Gary Maricich. Images: ©L.M. Archer


As a lifestyle writer, I’m sleuthing out a story for a regional publication on Bay area culinaries and luminaries helping to preserve area bee colonies from collapse,¬† including Hum & Hive owners Jodi and Gary Maricich, here hosting a class on bees taught by bespoke beekeeper Emily Bondor of Santa Cruz Bee Company.

International Chocolate Salon 2018 standouts: Basel Bazlamit of Basel B Inc. Chocolate & Confections, Shannon and Wlady Grochowski of La Ch√Ętelaine Chocolat, and Karla McNeil-Rueda of Cru Chocolate.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Images: ¬©L.M. Archer


As a judge, I notched another year at the SF International Chocolate Salon – this one held at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. For unabashed chocoholics, this event’s for you – lashings of artisan chocolatier¬†love, all under one roof!

Personal faves: Opulent Basel B Inc. hand-painted artisan edibles, sumptuous Parisian-inspired La Chatelaine Chocolates, and ever-elegant, award-winning Cru Chocolate.

That it….Watch this space for links later to the published stories…cheers!

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Intention, Trust, Transparency…and Rebranding

Winemaking is an art. It’s also a business. So is wine writing.

Grape growing takes patience. Thought. Care. Effort.

Nothing gets planted, harvested, and produced without intention, without trust, without transparency.

As a wine writer, I strive to emulate the same intention, trust and transparency practiced by those about whom I write. And yet…

My final redThread‚ĄĘ wine maker interview at the end of 2017 verified what I’d already suspected. That final interview I failed to follow my own standard procedures, which resulted in a few errors, since corrected.

But the entire situation bothered me. Why? Because I realized that I was more concerned about getting the interview done, than getting it right. I resented the non-renumerated time spent, time needed for my professional work. My heart just wasn’t in it. I lacked intention. I lost trust. I almost lost transparency. Almost.

In truth, blogging does not make me happy. Writing makes me happy. Professional writing makes me happiest.

To that end,¬†binNotes.com will be rebranding in second quarter 2018, replaced by lmarcher.com. The new site will showcase my professional writing portfolio. It’s a work in progress, one I will share with you once completed. I’m still teasing out hosting platforms, site designers, and migration issues while juggling assignments, the odd family emergency, and an extended stay up north in May for Oregon Wine Month.¬†In the meantime, binNotes will continue to feature links to my professional work, and highlight The Hedonistic Taster¬†trade tasting notes.

Writing is a calling. It’s also a craft. Who knows why I find endless merriment in the tortured, meticulous summing and subtracting of words across a blank page, all in an endless quest to tell a story that rings true in people’s hearts, minds and souls? I just do. Hence my need to protect and honor this privilege.

May you, too, find the courage to protect that which feeds your soul. Cheers~


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My latest in Winebusiness.com | Double-Header!

Wow – what a sweet ‘slide home’ and start of a bon weekend!

Nice to learn I have a double-header in today’s Winebusiness.com –¬† two of my latest features in subscriber publications:

Swedish Sommeliers & Rockstars in Meininger Wine Business International


A Woman’s Place is in the Domaine: An Exclusive Interview with Ludivine Griveau of Hospices de Beaune in Basil & Salt Magazine.

These stories happen because of an international brother-and-sisterhood of sommeliers and winemakers.

In Sweden, heartfelt thanks to “Team Nordic”: Marie Oskarsson, noted journalist and writer, Helena Wolff of Gothia Towers, Emma Ziemann of Thornstroms kok, Cathrine Suzeau of Koka, Tina Johansson,¬† Rub√©n Sanz Marino of PM & Vanner,¬† Robert Andersson, and Jonas Sandberg of Folii Wine Bar and La Paul√©e Nordic, and the fine media folks at¬†Systembolaget.

 In Burgundy, special gratitude to Virginie Taupenot-Daniels of Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne and the incomparable Ludivine Griveau, first female winemaker at Hospices de Beaune.

Enjoy the weekend, all!

Always great hearing from you below, and for your follows on social media – cheers!

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My latest in basil & salt Magazine | A Woman’s Place is in the Domaine

Happy International Women’s Day!

Here’s my timely contribution to the celebration:

My exclusive interview with Ludivine Griveau, first female winemaker and managing director of Burgundy’s Domaines des Hospices de Beaune – now available to subscribers in ¬†basil & salt Magazine | ‚ĄĖ 3:

A Woman’s Place is in the Domaine:

An Exclusive interview with Ludivine Griveau of Burgundy’s Domaines de Hospices de Beaune

by L.M. Archer

“Every November, global gourmands gather to bid on a bit of history at the annual Hospices de Beaune wine auction in Burgundy. But behind the scenes, Hospices de Beaune quietly makes history of its own in the vineyards…”¬†Read more here.¬†


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My Latest in Winebusiness.com

Delighted to learn that my feature Grounded in Burgundy” in Oregon Wine Press March 2018 issue made today’s Winebusiness.com.

Many thanks again to Domaine Drouhin Oregon, Domaine Nicolas-Jay, Chapter 24 Vineyards and consulting winemaker Matthieu Gille for sharing a rare glimpse into their historic Burgundian cellars!



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My Lastest in Oregon Wine Press: Grounded in Burgundy


Grounded in Burgundy: 

Inside Oregon’s French winemakers’ storied family cellars.

by L.M. Archer

I never intended to write about the cellars of Oregon’s Burgundian vignerons. My initial story focused on sharing fun facts, such as oldest bottle, current production levels and favorite memory.

After arriving in Burgundy, however, a different story emerged. Here, among hushed caves flanked by family-crested barrels and fusty stacks of sea-green bottles, I learn a tale of tradition, resilience and reinvention, a narrative fundamentally connected to Oregon...read full story here.



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My Latest in Meininger Wine Business International, Vol 1. 2018: SOMMELIERS AND ROCK STARS

Meininger Wine Business International: The magazine for the global wine trade.
Meininger Wine Business International

Dear Readers:

Super excited to share a sneak peak of my latest in  Meininger Wine Business International, Vol. 1 2018 on SOMMELIERS AND ROCK STARS, now available to subscribers:

“Sweden‚Äôs sommeliers are recognised as some of the best in the world. They‚Äôre also highly influential. L.M. Archer asks them what makes them tick…”¬†Preview page one of two here.



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