#AYIBpreview – A Year in Burgundy

Fresh from my trip to Burgundy, I just finished viewing a private screening of ‘A Year in Burgundy’.

Why should YOU see this film?

Because the 1/12 hour film skillfully navigates viewers through four unforgettable seasons –  one year –  of up-close and personal access to  Burgundian wine makers from Mâcon to Côte de Nuits, including  Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti fame.

Because you learn to appreciate the vagaries of draught, hail, rain, and the ‘grape police’ – perils all in Burgundian wine-growing.

Because you learn the practical side of  wine making, including pruning, harvest, triage, pigeage, battonage and élevage, as it applies to real people, real-time.

Because you learn about the instinctive, unteachable ‘art’ of wine making – the intuition required to allow each wine its maximum expression with minimal intervention. To let the wine have its say about its particular terroir, in its own voice.

(How telling that this film’s subtitles translate some wine-makers’ term for the ‘character’ of a wine as ‘terroir.’)

Because ‘A Year in Burgundy’ captures the heart and soul of the people of Burgundy – and their respect for the vines, terroir and traditions of this 2,000 year old wine-making region.

Because the film engages, rivets and intoxicates – just like the wines of Burgundy.

Go see this film. Then raise a glass to a great wine region, its wine, and its people. And leave a comment about your experience below. Santé!

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DRC 2009 Postscript

Aubert de Villaine

For a bit of eloquence on the subject of yesterday’s post, binNotes offers the following from Aubert de Villaine himself regarding the 2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti:

“2009 is a vintage, that, like many things in life, didn’t start with the best outlook….Regarding the reds, what else can I say? The mark of 2009 is that you have and exceptional vintage, both because of the quantity and because of the quality…For me, I will add one more thing. I’ve never seen a vintage that is more the cousin of another than this vintage is to 1959. A large crop, the wines extremely healthy, and wines with a character of seduction, tenderness, immediately accessible. It’s really remarkable remarkable, I’ve never seen such closeness between two vintages as between this 2009 and 1959.” – Aubert de Villaine

For those who consider wine an art, not just a beverage, it just doesn’t get any better than this! Santé.

Excerpt:Permission of  Vinography.com.


Armageddon 2012: WWYBD?

Image: http://www.wineyields.com

Yes, dear reader, it’s that time – yet another gentle  reminder about  Armegeddon 2012. Exactly  nine months left to get your end-of-the-world wine list in order for December 21, 2012. Not sure what you’ll be drinking, but top on binNotes list of I-must-be-dreaming-why does the end of the earth taste like heaven?-quaff: Romanee-Conti 2009 (ok, twist my arm – a vertical tasting of 1959, 1999, 2005 AND 2009 DRC.) But 2009 DRC especially. A vintage that did not start out so well…no frost, but rain, rain, rain…translating into mildew and odium.  A bit of millerandage. Leave it to a master of the vine like Aubert de Villaine to embrace such obstacles and transmute them, like an oyster with a grain of sand…leading to a pearl of a wine. Santé!