RRV Passport to Pinot 2013

Passport to Pinot 2013
Part 2 of 2 Part Series | 
Part 1 of 2 here.

by: L.M. Archer, FWS

binNotes joined in the Russian River Valley‘s 30th Anniversary Celebration and 2nd Annual Passport to Pinot Barrel Tasting Weekend June 8-9, 2013. Over 30 wineries rolled out the barrels on their new releases and uncorked their library pours, offering live music, Farm-to-Table food pairings, and artisan wares to participants.

Bookmark this event if you enjoy Pinot, boutique wines, artisan foods, fresh air, and friendly people. Set  amidst the stunning Russian River Valley, it’s a place to reset and rewind.

binNotes Passport to Pinot Ports of Entry included:

Most Memorable Moment: Meeting the next generation of Davis Family Winery – Cole Davis & his mother Judy, while blinded by their Tasting Room Bling Board of Wine Awards.

Most Memorable Moment:  Tasting ’09 Zinfandel from St. Peter’s Church Vineyard – the motherlode!

  • New Release & Barrel Tastings  & Balsamic Vinegar tastings at picturesque Hanna Winery.

Most Memorable Moment: ’12 Sauvignon Blanc – a little bit yuzu, a whole lotta zing! And the best Gift Shop summer hat selection in RRV!

Most Memorable Moment: Tie between enjoying the charming Old World grounds and courtyard and sipping  saucy ’09 RRV Lt Harvest Gewurtztraminer in the well-appointed Tasting Room. Santé!

Most Memorable Moment: Meeting legendary wine grower John Balletto, after following his winery for years on Wine Guy Mike

Most Memorable Moment: ’11 Freestone Hill Vineyard RRV Pinot Noir – SE exposure meets Pentaluma Gap wind meets Bodega Bay.

Most  Memorable Moment: Talking tips for making gopher paté (goes great with Pinot – who knew?!) in between geek speak about RRV soils with winemaker Rod Berglund. 

Any questions?!? Here’s a little video from the fine folks at Russian River Valley Winegrowers that breaks it down for you:

Video: Courtesy http://www.RRVW.org

So book your transportation for next year’s Passport to Pinot 2014  now – and don’t forget to bring your wine skins!


Copyrighted 2013. All photos courtesy of author; reprint permission required. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you Lauren Eastman | Issima! PR

Thank you John Balletto and Team | Balletto Vineyards

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