Get Your Woodinville Reserve & Passport to Woodinville On!!

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NEW!!!  Get  Your Woodinville RESERVE  On! 

Come enjoy Woodinville RESERVE, a new evening tasting showcasing over 40 Limited and Premier Production Woodinville wineries.

Enjoy Guest Chef culinary treats from Woodinville’s Barking Frog, Italianissimo, Pasta Nova, Petit Terroir, Purple Café and Wine Bar and The Station Pizzeria.

But Wait…There’s MORE!!!

That’s right! RESERVE ticket holders also receive a two-day pass to Passport to Woodinville.
When: Friday, April 12, 7 – 9:30 pm
Where: Columbia Winery, Woodinville
Cost: $125, includes admission to RESERVE and a two-day ticket to Passport

Get your Woodinville Reserve 2013 here!


Hey…We’re Not Done Yet! Passport to Woodinville 2013 is BACK!!!!!!

That’s right, baby  – now in its eleventh year, and stronger than EVER!

Why Go:
Passport to Woodinville gives you a front row pass to Woodville’s happenin’ hot wine scene!

What you Get:
Your ticket entitles you to your own wine glass and unique wine Passport, ready for stamping with ‘proof of pour’ of new releases and specialty blends from participating wineries!

When: Saturday, April 20 – Sunday April 21, noon – 4 pm
Where: Over 35 participating Woodinville wineries
Cost: $65 two-day pass; $55 Sunday-only pass through March 17
$75 two-day pass; $65 Sunday-only pass after March 17

Don’t Delay !

 Get your Passport to Woodinville here -  BEFORE March 17th and enjoy the early registration discount.


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